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Catering to small and medium-sized businesses, we take care of all your tech so your organization runs like a well-oiled machine.

Desktop & Server Support

We offer quick computer repair support so your business can function at its peak

IT Managed Services

We work with you so we can proactively monitor and manage your entire computer system for you

Web Services

Professional web design that ranks well on search engines, complete with editing control

Phone Services

Whether VOIP system or traditional phones, we help you find the right solution for your company

Cabling & Data Services

We provide your office infrastructure with a quality cabling install that won’t break the bank

Surveillance Cameras

Installation of network cameras tailored specifically for the needs & layout of your establishment

This Is Why You Should Choose Us

Let us explain the ways how we’re not only the most economical choice, but the highest quality as well. We’ll prove it every single day.
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With MORE THAN 25 YEARS IN BUSINESS, We Know Exactly How to Treat You and Your Business
We’ve been helping businesses just like yours for well over 25 years. Our familiarity with a whole host of industry needs and essential applications that require direct attention can help to push your company forward. The result is service that is not only more knowledgeable, but prepared and quicker as well.
We GUARANTEE Your Data Will NEVER Be Lost, or WE PAY YOU!
When you use our backup services, we guarantee that your data will be safe and sound. And yes, that’s a genuine guarantee. In the unlikely scenario your data is lost, we will not only pay to have it recovered, we will ALSO pay you $1,000!
When You Call Us, You Get a Local Team Member ON THE LINE IMMEDIATELY
The moment your technology has problems the last thing you need are additional barriers. When you call us, you’ll immediately speak to someone from our Sarasota office, ready to assist you. No call centers, clunky menu systems, or hoops to jump through.
Our Contracts Can Be Cancelled at Any Time and WE DON’T HOLD YOU OR YOUR HARDWARE HOSTAGE.
Our customers stay with us because they like us, not because they have to. Unfortunately, many IT companies lock their clients into 1, 3, or even 5 yearlong contracts. Some even lease equipment and repossess everything after the contract is up. Not us! You can cancel at any time and your equipment is yours to keep.
Treating Our Clients with RESPECT and Being Considerate of Their Time and Needs are Top Priority
You’re busy. When you have trouble with your technology, no matter how large or small the problem, we treat it as a first priority. Our service comes with a smile, and we listen. You won’t hear lengthy jargon or excuses. We take care of you so you can get back to work smoothly and quickly.
Our Service is FLEXIBLE. We Work with Any Vendor and Any Equipment You May Have
Many IT companies refuse to work with certain brands of equipment or vendors. Not us. We’re flexible enough to work with whatever you throw at us. We also work with any vendors you may have that way you can get you back to doing what you love instead of being bogged down with the mundane.
We’re PREPARED & PROACTIVE. We Stop Issues from Forming and Prepare Your Tech for Changes.
We closely monitor your systems and solve problems before you know they exist. We are your technology watchman, detecting any security risks, updates, or hardware failures. We also prepare for changes and trends in the future, so you don’t need to worry about staying ahead of the curve.
The Ultimate ONE-STOP SHOP for All Your Business Technology Needs, So One Call Handles It All.
No more dealing with multiple vendors, with multiple results. Call us and we will handle everything for you. From servers to surveillance or websites to workstations; we offer and manage a wide assortment of technology so you don’t have to waste time on getting the attention of multiple companies.

How Technology Affects Your Business

It’s possible your company is missing out on potential money-saving solutions or worse, vulnerable to malicious hackers or data loss.


of data loss is caused by mistaken deletion, system crash, or software


of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster


of companies saved money when they moved to the cloud


of small businesses that manage their own network and use the Internet will have their network accessed by a hacker


of small business websites not optimized for mobile devices


of all email that is sent is done by spam accounts

What Our Customers Are Saying

We’re extremely grateful for client feedback, and when we hear encouraging words, it motivates us even more to excel in what we do.

“We know we can always count on CSI for an immediate response to our questions and needs. Fast, reliable and professional. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for IT support.”

“Jim just let me know how happy his father was with your service on his laptop. He was impressed with the timely and professional manner of CSi Networks. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you for the incredible job that you did on our website. You have a great team and we cannot thank you enough for designing the perfect website for our company, it truly represents us.”

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